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Making Music that Matters

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Summer Street Productions is a professional recording studio located in Kennesaw Georgia, featuring the best of digital tools. Music is our passion and is always the voice of the soul. We love capturing it! We focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting for competitive prices.

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In addition to doing full album productions, a most interesting services that Summer Street Productions can offer you is music that can be used for Films and Commercials etc.. Click here to listen to some samples of the songs that have been used for Films - commercials -  and on hold messages





Mixing your song takes alot of skill and an engineer with some great ears. We do not all "hear" the same way. Hearing can be trained with the correct teachers and instructors. 



Summer Street Productions can master your song along with engineers that have been specifically trained to accomplish this final stage of your music. We will sometimes send out the project to a specific Mastering engineer who has specialized training. 

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