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Summer Street Productions offers a variety of capabilities in the Audio recording Industry

If you are looking to record your music and have it heard, then Summer Street Productions Studio is the right Choice for you. One of the most interesting services that Summer Street Productiouns can offer you is music that can be used for the Film and Commercial industry etc... 



We are ready to record you! Summer Street Productions has a large selection of Studio Musicians that we can hire for your project. If you believe that your skill is to the level of "Studio Musician" and want to be considered for hire by Summer Street Productiouns studio, then Please provide us the following information:

Your Bio with a Photo

Your instrument

MP3 samples of your recording (Soundcloud etc...)

Your Location 

Your availability

Your Rate Per hour or Project


Email questions and or MP3 samples for consideration to:  We will consider your skills for promotion. 


Summer Street Productiouns ONLY hires Drug free - Character and Ethic Driven Musicians.

Mixing board
Commercial  - Radio and T.V. ads

Summer Street Productions - in addition to helping with demo work for up-and-coming artists - also writes on-hold messages for companies. This is when a potential customer calls in to your place of business and is placed on hold. They will hear a message about your company. It can be a variety of different messages from specials that your company is running - to times of operation and specific direction to your address - or instructions regarding your website etc...  Click HERE to learn more. 

Studio Musicians network... Coming together for the common good

Summer Street Productions has a large selection of Studio Musicians that we can hire for your project. Having been in the music industry, our vast network of great musicians is available to the clients of Summer Street Productions Contact us for more information. 

Summer Street Productions produces music for the Film, website and T.V. industry. Dave Erwin has been providing creative audio post production, sound design, sound effects editing, folly recording, etc... for the Motion Picture industry for over 30 Years. Click HERE to read more. 


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