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 Price list Below

Summer Street Productions
2670 Summers Street - Kennesaw Ga. 30144 


Video Production Room Recording Suite

Silver Package
Gold Package
  • 3 hours of Live Streaming

  • 1 hour for set-up / Practice

  • Streaming only to  your desired platform

  • 1 intern - 1 video tech 1 Lead tech 

This would be a Base price per session of $1125.00 

Normal rate is $1500 per 3 hour Block. 

Song Video

  • 4 hours of  Live streaming

  • 1  hour for set up / Practice

  • Audio recording included

  • Streaming to your desired platform and recorded for editing. (Editing not included)

  • 1 Intern - 2 video techs - 1 Lead tech

This would be a base price of $1500.00 

Normal rate is $1875.00

Summer Street Production can create a Video of you lip syncing to your Song for $800 to $1000.  This includes reasonable Edits. $85 per hour will apply for additional effects. 

Add on to packages

  • Video editing of concert/event is $85 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours

  • Melodyne voice correction - $50 per song

  • Building your Social Media platform

  • Posting to your Social Media platforms

  • Website development

  • Photographers

  • Makeup/wardrobe 

Note – Please understand that these packages are intended to be used for budgeting purposes. We will require 1/2 payment when the project is booked – Final payment the day and before the event occurs. We require payment beforehand because the tech are paid per job. 

Packages - Important Notes and things to consider


  • The hours alloted timefream can include your set up and more practice time if requested. But your time scheduled -is the time we expect you to perform within.

  • If you are late or for some reason do not communicate with SSP - then you will be expected to pay for the additional time. If someone is scheduled behind you, then we will have to do a hard stop - to honor our other clients. 

  • The Silver package is considered our base package. If you want to do less than the 4 hours alloted for the package, then the hourly rate is $375.00 and will include the techs listed above.

  • If you want to supply your own techs, then the hourly rate will be based on a $200 per hour time frame with a minimum of 3 hours or $600.00

  • If you supply your own techs, then they must be approved by the owner or Lead tech employeed by Summer Street Productions.

  • Damaged equipment will be replaced by new products or payment will be at the new product rate.

  • SPS is not responsible for items brought into the facility as part of your production. 

Other Rates

Green Screen and Podcast/Vlog Room
The base Rate for the Room is $85 per hour. Click HERE to view Information/rates for the Green Screen Room. Click HERE to view Information/rates for the Podcast/Vlog Room. If you want to discuss an ongoing schedule for these rooms, please contact us to discuss.

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