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Mixing your Project

Mixing your project is all about the engineer and his abilities. When we say abilities, we are referring to:


  • The engineer’s ability to understand what tools are available to him within the software and how quickly he can access these tools to help the project succeed.

  • The engineer’s ability to hear. This may sound strange – but we do NOT all hear the same. Having an engineer with very critical “ears” will make or break your song. We have been in various studios where there is great equipment but the song sounds terrible. Why? It is the ears of the engineer who is producing the song. Make sure you choose someone who has great ears and can pickup on the little things within the song that needs to be changed. Ask to listen to something that they have produced before choosing your engineer/producer.

  • Gear is also crucial to a good mix. If there is not great gear in place, then your song will sound cheap. Remember you get what you pay for.

  • Software is also very important. Protools is the best platform to produce excellence. Some may disagree but this has been my experience over the years.



Person listening
Protools software
High tech recording equipment
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