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Some Artist who have recorded with Tributary Studio...

Below are a few samples of artist that have recorded at Tributary Stuido. There are as many different types of people - all of which are different and unique. Take a listen!

Doug Moore.JPG
Doug Moore
Rex Carroll.jpeg
Rex Carroll and the Blues Factor

Doug Moore is a local artist that has done several songs with Summer Street Productions  His voice is unique and he has good potential to grow his exposure. Here is a sample of his work. 



Jimi Bennett and the King James Band

King James is a Hard Rock band recalling the classic era of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, and Scorpions.

Formed in 1993, the original line-up was called a "Super-Group", featuring Rex Carroll (Whitecross), Jimi Bennett (Sacred Fire), Robert Sweet and Tim Gaines (both of Stryper). 

They recorded two successful albums in the mid-90's, with accompanying tour dates. In the 2000's, while the individuals each persued their various other group endeavors, the following of King James has slowly and steadily increased to the point where their second album "The Fall" was re-released in 2010. 

Adding fuel to the fire, the group has reformed with original members Rex Carroll and Jimi Bennett, and solidified the foundation with the addition of Michael Feighan (drums and vocals) and Benny Ramos (bass and keyboards).

The new album "Maximus" is a towering, signature moment. Soaring vocals, beautiful melodies, incredible guitars, stadium-sized drums and bass, and songs that simply WILL NOT leave your head. 

King James is back and better than ever, and they're on tour NOW.

Rex Carroll is an incredible Rock guitar player. You will not find a better "Shredder" than Rex. If you are wanting a great guitar player for your rock album - then Rex Carroll from Whitecross is your man! His rate is $250.00 per song. 

Rex is a guitar teacher for many year - Now - he is a studio musician and plays with his new Band Rex Carroll and the Blues Factor.

Amanda Blasche

Amanda Blasche is a local artist and worship leader at Northstar Church. She is married and has 3 children. Great Vocals. Take a listen.  

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