Since Summer Street Productions is made up of Studio Level Musicians that have played and recorded together for years, We as studio musicians can play at your event - party - etc... The name our band is the Summer Street Band. Our format is usually a 4 piece band where we have a studio-level guitarist - and Keyboardist who plays with a Drummer.  This is an ideal way of having a small setup with a nice easy listening venue. The events that we usually do are corporate events, weddings (some vocals) Fundraisers, etc…Our feel is what we call "World" music meaning that it is a rhythm that is established by the Percussionist/Drummer with guitar driving the song or the Keyboardist creating a groove that the band plays along with. Some of our pieces are smooth and quiet - while others are more driving and fun. Whatever the event, Summer Street Productions, and its members can provide you a great "Live" sound. Our basic rate is $750, and usually, a meal for the musicians should be included. If there is travel expenses such as a Hotel room, Flight, etc... these arrangements would need to be covered beforehand. Here are some examples of our style. 

If you are a vocalist looking for a band to back  your event, this can be done as well. Below is a sample of the Summer Street Band backing up one of our best Clients  -Chase Truran. 


Chase Truran with the Summer Street Band  - doing Georgia on my mind. 




















If you are interested in having us come to perform for you, then please call us at 404-502-2643