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Podcast/Flog Room

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Having a Podcast Room where you can interview multiple guest at one time is such a great way to present yourself in a professional way. If you are wanting to be able to walk in - make a professional-sounding podcast or Flog - with someone in the facility to help you with the presentation, then Summer Street Productions is the place for you. You can walk in and be ready to go in minutes with our professional Vaddio RoboSHOT Elite Series 12E HDMI - conference camera or our Crestron digital camera - as well as 6 professional mics - all within a room that has been acoustically treated for sound. A boom Mic is also available per your request.


Are you tired of having to set up your  Mics - lights - cameras - etc... and then learn "how to" do Podcast/Flog recording? This is what we have worked very hard at trying to accomplish for our clients - easy of use - that is professional and ready to go. 

If you are an executive and want to stream a meeting out to your employees in a professional way, then Summer Street Productions is the place for you. 

The audio Podcast room is priced at $85 an hour and has a 1-hour minimum. If you want Summer Street Productions to produce and edit your piece, then there is an added price of $85 per hour with a minimum of also 1 hour - even if the time actually recorded is less than 1 hour. Longer audio podcast and Video podcast (Flogs $125 an hour ) will require more post production time so please be prepared for additionally time within your budget.  We will produce - edit - and provide you a link to your professional Podcast/Flog that you can then use at any time. Call us today to book your time in our Podcast  Flog Room. Monthly memberships are available - Call to discuss. 

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Tel: 470-787-2659

2670 Summer Street 

Kennesaw, Ga. 30144

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