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Podcast/Vlog Room

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Join Us for Your Own Podcast 



Are you ready to share your thoughts, experiences, and insights with the world? Look no further! At Summer Street Productions, we offer an exclusive podcast/vlog service where you can come over and record your very own show with us.


What We Offer:

- Professional Studio Setup: Enjoy high-quality recordings in our state-of-the-art studio.

- Guidance and Support: Our team will assist you throughout the recording process.

- Publishing and Promotion: We'll help you reach your audience through various media channels.

- Audience Building Strategies: We're dedicated to helping you grow your listener base.

- Flexible Recording Schedule: Choose from weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions.


Why Consistency Matters:

Consistency is key to building a loyal audience. By committing to regular recordings, you'll establish a strong presence and keep your listeners engaged week after week.


Our Format:

Relax, socialize, and let your personality shine! Our talk show format encourages organic conversations. We'll chat about various topics, and then dive into discussing the products and services you're currently focusing on.



Each recording session is priced at $495 or $175 for just an audio podcast.


Ready to Get Started?

Take the first step towards becoming a podcast/vlog sensation! Contact us today to schedule your recording sessions and unleash your voice to the world.

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 470-787-2659

2670 Summer Street 

Kennesaw, Ga. 30144

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